Two factories sack 250 workers

By Charlotte Bonavia, di-ve news, 25 August 2003, 1815CET

MARSA/BULEBEL, Malta (di-ve news)—25 August 2003 1815CET—Two factories of the same owners Denim Sportswear Ltd and Denim Services which together employ a total of 1,200 workers, on Monday informed their employees that they will dismiss a total of 250 persons due to a serious lack of orders.

The factories will have to give four weeks leave to the rest of the employees till the production resumes.

The General Worker's Union (GWU) said that in these past days, it was involved in discussions with the factories about their current situation. The union, albeit it understood the situation, it still did its utmost to avoid these dismissals. It also discussed the future of the factories to avoid any further dismissals in the future.

The GWU continued that it will work to find alternative employment for the workers who were discharged.

Denim Sportswear in the Marsa industrial area employs 450 workers, while Denim Services at Bulebel has around 750 employees.