The economic history of the Republic of Malta

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Two factories sack 250 workers
By Charlotte Bonavia, di-ve news, 25 August 2003. Denim Sportswear Ltd and Denim Services which together employ a total of 1,200 workers, on Monday informed their employees that they will dismiss a total of 250 persons due to a serious lack of orders.
ST Microelectronics moving some production lines to Morocco, but no layoffs planned
By Natalino Fenech, The Times of Malta, 7 September 2003. ST Microelectronics will be shifting some of its production lines from Malta to Morocco some time next year because production costs are lower there.
Shipyards lose Lm1 million contract
By Natalino Fenech, The Sunday Times of Malta, 4 January 2004. Malta Shipyards had won the vessel repair contract amid fierce competition, but when the ship owners learnt that the chief executive was attacked and manhandled at the yard, they decided to take the ship to another yard.