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General strike in Italy

International Metalworkers Federation, 19 October 2000

For the first time, the Italian trade unions are calling for a general strike to improve working conditions.

ITALY: The three Italian trade union confederations are asking all Italian workers to down their tools for 15 minutes on October 20. This is in support of their demands to implement and apply legislation passed a few years ago to prevent accidents and unhealthy working conditions.

During the first part of this year, the number of workplace accidents increased considerably, especially in the subcontractor and informal sectors.

Furthermore, the three trade union organisations are asking that health and safety stewards be given information and training in order to be able to carry on their tasks. Stewards must also be consulted regularly by management. This was the outcome of the special conference on health and safety held in Modena last week.

[October 19, 2000] SJ