The political struggle of the working class in Italy

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Communist Refoundation Rally Draws 200,000
Workers World, 6 November 1997. CR party wins demonstration of mass support for its refusal to support an austerity budget in October except in exchange for pledge for 35-hour workweek.
Italy, Unions Sign Holy Year Truce
Associated Press, Monday 28 February 2000. Government and union leaders signed a limited pact Monday aimed at heading off strikes this year that would discourage tourists and pilgims, while air traffic controllers stopped work in Italy's latest transport-paralyzing labor protest.
General strike in Italy
International Metalworkers Federation, 19 October 2000. For the first time, the Italian trade unions are calling for a general strike. The three Italian trade union confederations are asking all Italian workers to down their tools for 15 minutes on October 20 in support of their demands to implement and apply legislation passed a few years ago to prevent accidents and unhealthy working conditions.
Strikes hit Italy, 1000s of striking workers chant ‘we're going to Genoa’, Tuesday 17 July 2001. A wave of industrial action swept the country on July 6. The marches—dominated by young workers—were incredibly lively and militant. At the heart of the dispute is the employers attempt to break up national bargaining and force the unions to accept a plant-by-plant system which would immensely weaken them.
Berlusconi government braces for industrial action
Agence France presse, 27 November 2001. Berlusconi's conservative government is preparing to face down industrial action by millions of Italian workers next month after the three major unions called for workers to down tools for two hours each day from December 5–7 over plans to introduce a new framework labour law seen as kowtowing to employers' demands.
Italy Seized by Public Transport Strike
Reuters, Friday 9 January 2004. Transport workers went on strike in several cities across Italy Friday, a day after air traffic controllers walked off the job. Staggered strikes in transport sector to increae pressure on Italy's center-right government which is pursuing controversial labor and pension reforms.