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Open letter to friends and colleagues

From Women in Black, Belgrade, 30 September 1998

Dear friends and esteemed colleagues,

We are sending you these press clipping so as to inform you that the great political campaign has been launched against the independent media and non-governmental organizations in Serbia. Taking into account the anticipated circumstances (possible shelling of Serbia by NATO), we take these threats of the Serbian regime very seriously, as a possible way of retribution. These threats have already created the war psychosis which is dangerously spreading over Serbia.

With best regards,

Obrad Savic, Acting president of the Belgrade Circle NGO

The press reported that Vojislav Seselj, vice president of the Serbian Parliament, said at the special session of the Serbian Parliament, held on Monday, September 28th, 1998, in Belgrade, that

1. “in Serbia, we have fifth colomn at work, consisting both of certain Parliamentary and non-parliamentary parties and certain independent newspapers, namely: “Nasa Borba”, “Danas”, “Blic” and “Glas Javnosti”. In case the USA decides to launch an attack on Serbia, they should hurriedly withdraw the “Quislings”, such as the members of the Helsinki Committee for Human Rights in Serbia, members of the Belgrade Circle and the Women in Black, and avoid leaving them here as hostiges. Perhaps we cannot crash every American plane, but we shall grab those within our reach.” (”Nasa Borba”, Belgrade, Tuesday, September 29th, 1998, page 2)

2. “If they wish to attack us, let them withdraw all their branches, the Helsinki Committee for Human Rights in Serbia, the Belgrade Circle and the Women in Black. Perhaps we cannot crash every American plane, but we will grab those within our reach.” (”Danas”, Belgrade, Tuesday, September 29th 1998, page 3)

3. “In case of the attack, every conversation ceases and the aggressors should close their embassies here in Belgrade right away. Perhaps we cannot crash every American plane, but we can catch all their agents, gathered round various traitor organizations such as the Belgrade Circle, Women in Black, the Helsinki Committee for Human Right in Serbia and the Citizen`s Alliance.” (”Glas Javnosti”, Belgrade, Thursday, October 1st 1998, page 3)


The most recent session of the Serbian Parliament (September 28, 1998), demonstrated the highest level of ethnic homogenization and perfect unity between leader, people, and political parties that has been achieved since the beginning of the most recent wars in the Balkans (1991). (Voting of representatives of six parties in the Serbian parliament on the new temporary Executive Board for Kosovo: 224 votes ‘for’ and 2 votes ’against’).

The most cited speech in the Parliament was done by the Prime Minister Vojislav Seselj, war criminal in Bosnia and Croatia, one of the greatest nationalist chauvinists, sexist, homofobe, initiator of ethnic cleaning in Serbia's political life —we cite from his most recent speech on “Serbia's inner enemies”:

“We should take the US threats very seriously but we must not be frightened. We will have an enormous number of victims and great material damages, but we don’t have a spare fatherland. We must fight at all costs no matter by whom we are attacked. Our determination to defend ourselves by all means should prove that if they want to attack us they should withdraw their supporters. “

Seselj demanded that the USA, in case they attacked Serbia, “to withdraw their quislings like members of the Helsinki Committee for Human Rights, Belgrade (Intellectual) Circle, Women in Black, and not to leave them as hostages. Maybe we can not reach every airplane but we will grab those that are close to us.”

Experience in this region shows that first comes the rhetoric of lynch and then lynching of people. Since Women in Black cannot count on any protection in this state, we inform you of this threat. This same information we send to all relevant international organizations. For years, the international public, transparency of our work and of regime's response to us can be our only protection.