The history of the Province of Serbia

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Open letter to friends and colleagues
From Women in Black, Belgrade, 30 September 1998. Press clipping concerning the campaign launched against the independent media and non-governmental organizations in Serbia. These petite bourgeois organizations are recognized by the Serbian parliament to be agents of US imperialism.
Serbian state media begins to waver in its support of Milosevic
Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ), New York, press release, 4 October 2000. The regime is losing control over certain state media outlets, numerous local and international sources have confirmed. Connections of the developing petite bourgeois opposition in Serbia with the same class in the U.S.
Media in Serbia twelve months on
By Veran Matic, Chairman of the Association of Independent Electronic Media (ANEM), Belgrade, 4 October 4 2001. One of the first immediately noticeable results of the political changes of October 5, 2000, was opening up of the state and quasi-state broadcasters and print media in Serbia to the representatives of former opposition bloc and NGO sector.