Date: Mon, 26 Oct 98 22:07:00 CST
Subject: Albania: Memorandum from Vice-Speaker of Parliament
Article: 46233
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On the political assassinations, arrests and persecution of the opposition by the neo-communist regime in Albania

Memorandum by Josefina Topalli, Deputy-Speaker, Republic of Albania People's Assembly, Tirana, October 1998

The neo-communists who stepped up in power after the June 29, 1997 elections in Albania, have continuously applied the platform of the physical elimination of the political opponents, of oppressive violently the Albanian opposition, by considering it a domestic enemy to be destroyed. On these grounds, during their 18 months in power, there have been killed for political reasons lots of members, supporters, local leader, local authorities, lawmakers of the Democratic Party. There have been wounded, ambushed, maltreated and arrested hundreds of DP members and supporters, terrorist acts have been committed against the local and senior central leaders of the Democratic Party.

All these, besides one single case have not been followed up by the investigation of the neo-communist government. Below, is the chronology of the political murders, wounding, terrorist acts, political jails on the opposition during the last 18 months in Albania.