The contemporary political history of the Republic of Albania

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Albania anti-government revolt spreads
By Argiris Malapanis, Militant, 24 February 1997. Rebellion against the pro-capitalist regime of Democratic Party chief Sali Berisha.
U.S., Greece Hands Off Albania!
Statement by the Committee of Communists in Athens, Greece, The Militant, 24 March 1997. Albanians who have rebelled against the pro-imperialist regime of Sali Berisha are not armed criminals and Mafia operators as the Greek government, which until yesterday supported Berisha, incessantly echoes.
Imperialism and Albania
Editorial, Workers World, 17 April 1997. Relation of internal politics in Italy and in Albania.
Committees Serving Berisha's Game
Commentary by Gavrosh Levonja, Koha Jone (Tirana), translated from Albanian, 6 May 1997. Once the agreement to hold elections on 29 June, or around that time, was made, in his few contacts with representatives of international community, Berisha began to play the game of the danger posed by the citizens' committees that were set up in the south of the country.
Why Albania's Democratic Dream Evaporated
By Aaron Rhodes, Christian Science Monitor, 18 June 1997. A critique of the Sali Berisha government.
Albanian elections reflect will of the people; Future government must improve human rights record
International Helsinki Federation (IHF), 1 July 1997. IHF puts its imprimatur on Albania's parliamentary election held on 29 June.
On the political assassinations, arrests and persecution of the opposition by the neo-communist regime in Albania
Memorandum by Josefina Topalli, Deputy-Speaker, Republic of Albania People's Assembly, Tirana, October 1998. The neo-communists who stepped up in power after the June 29, 1997 elections in Albania, have continuously applied the platform of the physical elimination of the political opponents. The chronology of the political murders, wounding, terrorist acts, political jails on the opposition [led by ex-President Berisha] during the last 18 months in Albania.
Joint press statement of the Communist Party of Albania (Reconstructed) and the New Party of Labour of Albania
Shkendija (The Spark), No.9, 15 November 1998. The unity of Communists is the aim of this joint press conference. To defend national sovereignty and independence, to rescue the country from crisis and chaos, we contributed to the electoral political defeat of the Berisha regime and hailed the results of the elections of 29 June 1997, while working to prevent this result from being violated by reactionary forces. We refrain from nourishing illusions about the internal and external policy: the economic, social and cultural policy of the forces of the present coalition government.