Date: Sat, 06 Feb 1999 19:09:21 -0500
From: Hari Kumar <>
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Joint press statement of the Communist Party of Albania (Reconstructed) and the New Party of Labour of Albania

Shkendija (The Spark), No.9, 15 November 1998

The Communist Party of Albania (Reconstructed) and the New Party of Labour of Albania, in the course of joint activity, fulfilling the desire expressed by the overwhelming majority of the Communists of Albania, and following the example of 8 November 1941, have worked and are working for the unity of Communists. This is also the aim of this joint press conference.

We direct the steps of all Communists towards this aim, rejecting prejudices and sectarian deviations, without denying or undervaluing the merits and contributions of anyone, but revaluing with a critical eye the leaderships of each Communist Party on the basis of the attitude they take towards the question of the union of all Communists into a single Marxist-Leninist party.

We desire on this occasion to make public our views and attitudes, towards some of the most important questions of this period:

1. Our country has been plunged into an all-round political, social and economic crisis. Misgovernment has combined with anti-Albanian factors to produce this difficult situation, which calls for all honourable and patriotic Albanians to work for the defence of national sovereignty and independence, to rescue the country from crisis and chaos, to bring back to the people tranquillity, work and faith in the future, and to bring Albania back into the ranks of civilised countries. Starting out from this patriotic aim, we contributed to the electoral political defeat of the Berisha regime and hailed the results of the elections of 29 June 1997, while working to prevent this result from being violated by reactionary forces.

Meanwhile, we refrain from nourishing illusions about the internal and external policy: the economic, social and cultural policy of the forces of the present coalition government. Our view is that today's government, despite its spirit of tolerance and a kind of liberalism in putting forward and solving the problems of political life, operates fundamentally along the same lines as the regime of Berisha, has the same external allies, and is, like its predecessor, dependent on foreign forces. We believe that such a government) whose very existence depends on foreign backing, whatever its composition, is not in a position properly to organise national wealth, to develop large-scale production) to secure work for people, to organise and develop education, culture and health, to strengthen defence, and to increase national dignity. Indeed, we are convinced that such a government will sooner or later forfeit the trust and support of its people.

Political rivalry between the parties forming the coalition government and a part brought and together with of the right opposition headed by the Democratic Party, have are bringing much harm to Albania, with many human victims, moral and political ruin, robbery, corruption, prostitution and unprecedented moral and political decay. None of these parties has a real social basis, nor do they express the interests of the country, as they claim in their propaganda. They are mere contestants for power and privilege directed from abroad. Communists conceive of power quite differently.

2. November of this year is the month of the second Referendum for the ratification of the Constitution. The Communists said ‘no’ to the draft prepared by Sali Berisha, not only because it was an anti-democratic Constitution, but also because we were opposed to the regime which introduced it.

We were and are for a Constitution based on Albanian reality, which will guarantee national sovereignty, the sovereignty of the people in the government of the country, social equality, peace, cooperation and friendship among the peoples, and non-interference in the internal affairs of other countries.

The new Constitution contains some improvements in its democratic content, and there are valid arguments for approving it and giving Albania a Constitution. Therefore, Communists will say ‘yes' in the Referendum on the new Constitution.

3. In the conditions of pluralism, we shall work with all our strength to turn the attention of the masses of the people towards the Communist alternative, to convince ever more people that Communism is neither a scarecrow nor a utopian vision, to win their trust and attain results in future electoral campaigns, to realise a social programme impossible for a non-Communist government even to contemplate. As we have shown in the past, so shall we show in the future that we keep our word and know how to make it reality.

On these objectives we are not and will not be isolated. While guarding our independence and identity of thought and of action, without relinquishing our programmatic objectives, we will cooperate with other progressive political forces, seek to find common, temporary points of agreement with them, and attempt to construct a common patriotic People's Front with them to the extent that their aims serve the interests of the people and the nation.

We have worked and are working for close links of solidarity and cooperation with the Communist Parties of other countries. We are ready to take part in every initiative of the international Communist movement which is based on the recognised principles of relations between Marxist-Leninist parties.

4. The national question presents for Albanian Communists not only a major political programmatic problem but also a serious practical problem. This is the case for all Albanian parties. It is focussed today on the struggle for the self-determination of Kosova and for the national and human rights of Albanians wherever they live. On this question, the Communists stand firmly on the side of the Albanian people of Kosova, who are struggling heroically for the right of self-determination, are seeking the annulment of the anti-Albanian decision of the Great Powers in 1913, are calling for national union, are against every political or diplomatic game behind the backs of the Albanians or Albania, are against every attempt to use the ‘Map of Kosova’ for hegemonism in the Balkans or for the further destabilisation of Albania, and are opposed to all demagogy on the part of pseudo-nationalist circles.

Communists consider it completely contrary to the principles of the national question to identify the propaganda of Serbian chauvinism with Communists and Communism.

For us it is clear that without a correct solution of the Albanian national question, there can be stability or tranquillity neither in the Balkans nor in Europe, since it is obvious that those who adopt expansionist and hegemonist policies keep our region in a state of tension and wish to use the national question as a pretext for criminal aggressions against humanity.

5. We Albanian Communists do not turn our backs on present-day world economic, political and social realities. We always take into account the objective processes of internationalism and work for ever closer relations of friendship and cooperation between equal and sovereign peoples and nations. We have been and are against economic, political, racial discrimination, against the exploitation of small and developing peoples by imperialist powers and the financial oligarchies controlled by them, against political and military arbitrariness.

In their external policy, the Communists, without falling into voluntarism or subjectivism, wish to restore to Albania its sovereignty, independence and dignity, and to make it again mistress of its destiny and a factor for international peace and stability. On these and every other question, we should be happy to answer your questions, starting from the aim of establishing correct relations with the media.

Tirana. 16 November 1998.