The history of the Spanish Civil War (1936–1938)

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Civil War
Green Peace News, 1 May 1996. The first major crisis of international pacifism was the Spanish Civil War. A social revolutionary process which gave us concepts such as self-managed collectives and affinity groups was drowned in a bloody repression that continued until 1975.
Spain 1936–1996: confronting history
By Sonja Klein, Green Left Weekly, 22 January 1997. A recent article in the Swiss left weekly Die Wochenzeitung stirs up some haunting truths: the Spanish Civil War, which began 60 years ago, has never really come to an end.
Exhumation may let a poet's bones speak
By Giles Tremlett, The Guardian, Saturday 6 September 2003. Is a pit near Granada the resting place of the writer Federico Garcia Lorca and other Franco victims? Tests should soon give an answer.