The history of capitalism in Italy

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Trade union repression at UPS Italy
From Jordi Martorell, 30 September 1997. Retaliatory firings at UPS in Milan.
The Berlusconi effect: High Price of Italian prosperity
By Pierre Musso, Le Monde diplomatique, April 2002. Two million people took to the streets of Rome last month to protest against terrorism, against economist Marco Biagi's assassination and against Sylvio Berlusconi's government. Behind the protest and beyond the politics, Italian capitalism is being profoundly restructured.
Strikes cripple Fiat plants as company seeks gov't restructuring aid
Agence France Presse, Friday 11 October 2002. Strikes crippled Fiat plants across Italy in protest of a rescue plan by the country's largest private sector employer that includes massive layoffs and plant closures.
Parmalat dream goes sour
By Sophie Arie, The Observer (UK), Sunday 4 January 2004. The multinational company, a symbol of Italian industrial success, has imploded in a fraud scandal rapidly becoming one of the biggest in history.
Fiat and Alitalia rocked by strikes
By Fred Kapner, Financial Times, 11 May 2004. Production at Fiat and Alitalia cancelled flights as strikers tightened their grip on two of Italy's largest companies. Labour leaders and political parties also seized the occasion to increase popular disgruntlement against Berlusconi ahead of European parliamentary elections in June.