The culture history of the Italian Republic

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Nobel stuns Italy's left-wing jester
London Times, 10 October 1997. The playwrite and actor Dario Fo winning the Nobel Prize.
People's court jester wins Nobel prize
By Dave Riley, Green Left Weekly, 29 October 1997. Dario Fo—Italy's leading contemporary performer/playwright—awarded the Nobel prize for literature.
Italy's Cultural Underground Endures
By Adam Bregman, Los Angeles Times, Monday 15 January 2001. Communists, anarchists, ravers, punks, hackers and artists have seized vast, abandoned factories and forts and boarded-up schools and churches and transformed them into cinemas, concert halls, bars, squats and art galleries. Far from being decrepit pits, Italy's social centers are among the country's most vital cultural institutions.
Italy's political scars reopened by Di Canio's ‘fascist salute’
Independent, 10 January 2005. Fans of Italy's Lazio football club yesterday threatened to stage mass protests if Paolo Di Canio, the team's striker, is disciplined for celebrating a win over Roma with a Fascist salute.
‘It is intolerable to be tolerated’: The gospel according to Pasolini
By Guy Scarpetta, Le Monde diplomatique, March 2006. The 30th anniversary of the murder of Pier Paolo Pasolini revived interest in his work. The writer and filmmaker was a maverick and rebel who foresaw both the domination of mainstream culture and the commodification of 1960s dissent.