The history of superstition in Italy

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Demonstration against expenditure on display of Turin Shroud banned
Press release (slightly shortened) sent in by Turin section of the Italian Anarchist Federation (FAI), 20 May 1998. The Police Chief of Turin, without going against his role of Defender of democratic freedoms, has forbidden the rally called by the citizens committee Sindon Busters (Sindone is Italian for shroud).
Priest ‘asked prostitutes to dress as nuns’
Ananova, Thursday 8 May 2003. Police say an Italian priest who asked prostitutes to dress as nuns was among the clients of a brothel raided by the vice squad.
Court to decide Jesus' existence
Agence France presse, 25 January 2006. An Italian court will this week ponder the existence of Christ after an atheist accused a priest of misleading the public by presenting Jesus as an historical character.