The economic history of the Republic of Croatia (after June 1991)

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Heavy industries struggle in Croatia, a country in transition
By Eugene Brcic, Associated Press, Boston Globe, 19 January 2003. One moment the welder was calm, praising Sisak Ironworks as the pride of the former Yugoslavia's metals industry. The next he was in a rage, fuming over mass layoffs at the now-foundering plant, which threaten to cripple an entire city in the heart of Croatia.
Croatian union leader: Russians restarting production at Sisak Ironworks
Hoover's, 10 February 2003. A part of the 1700 workers at the ironworks would be back at work on 15 February. Sisak-Moslavina County's Economic-Social Council (GSV) invited the media and politicians to stop the negative politicizing around the sale of the company.