The retrospective history of the Republic of Bulgaria

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Bulgaria avoided the bombs of hate
By Elizabeth Pond, Greek Helsinki Monitor, 4 October 1999. Bulgarians are renouncing old-fashioned ethnic hatred and achieving reconciliation with hallowed but independent Macedonia for the first time after 86 successive years of hostility. It is possible to demythologize the past and show that “southeastern Europe is not accursed.”, but at first followed Milosevic's xenophobia. Democratic backlash against the ex-Communists.
Timeline: Bulgaria
BBC News Online, Monday 18 June 2001. A chronology of key events. A simple political chronology except when facts are culled from other dimensions of life in order to lend support to the BBC's ideological position.
Bulgaria—Ten Years After
By Georgi Filipov, AIM Sofia, 12 November 1999. On 10 November, 1989 an internal party coup in the Bulgarian Communist Party (BKP) and the position of its secretary general of BPK was taken by Petar Mladenov, and this marked the beginning of a peaceful transition towards democracy. Ten years later, what has happened and what should have happened, but did not happen, in in this period?