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Date: Mon, 23 Jan 1995 13:58:36 -0500
From: (Bohdan Peter Rekshynskyj)
Subject: Ukrainian Republican Party -> [NEWS] ECONOMY, 23 january 1995, ANALYSIS AND COMMENTS (in English)
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Official Republic Press Digest

From 16 January 1995 to 23 January 1995

In making this Digest, the following acronyms were used - with paren"thetic explanations "HU" ("Holos Ukraini" - "Voice of Ukraine"), "VK" ("Vechirnij Kyiv" - "Evening Kiev") ; "KV" ("Kyivskiy Visnyk" - "Kiev Her ald"); "DU" ("Democratichna Ukraine" - "Democratic Ukraine"); "PU" ("Pravda Ukrainy" - "Truth of Ukraine"); "MU" ("Molod Ukrainy" - "Youth of Ukraine"); "MH" ("Moloda Hvardiya" - "Young Guard"); "RG" ("Robitnicha Gazeta" - "The Workers' Gazette"); "SV" ("Silski Visti" - "The Countryside News"); "KP" ("Kyivska Pravda" - "Kiev Truth"); "UK" ("Uriadovyi Kurier" - "The Government Courier"); "Kh" ("Khreshchatyk"); "KVed". ("Kievskie Vedomosti" - "Kiev News"); "KN" ("Kievskie novosti" - "Kiev News"); "N" ("Novosti" - "News"); "VV" - ("Vseukrainskie Vedomosti" - "Ukrainian News"); "DN" - ("Delovye Novosti" - "Business News"), "ZB" - ("Zakon i Biznes" - "Law and Business"), "B" - ("Biznes" - "Business"), "FU" - ("Finansova Ukraina" - "Financial Ukraine"), "BU" - ("Business Ukraine"), "KU' - ("Komersant Ukrainy" - "Merchant of Ukraine").

B, January 17, 1995. Business news.

"The Ukrainian government decided to cancel the taxes imposed on the goods imported from Belarus and Russia. The excise duty and value-added tax imposed on the goods imported in 1994 will have to be paid by the end of 1995. It was said that the agreements on free trade with Belarus and Russia did not concern the agreement on VAT and excise duty.

Meanwhile, the draft president's decree and cabinet's resolutions on export activity concern the following:

  • farmers will have the right to independently export their products;
  • tax rates will be decreased for the enterprises that expand their export potential;
  • the enterprises whose hard currency export exceeds 25% of their industrial output will have the right to more quickly depreciate their fixed assets;
  • the payments in the form of taxes on import of raw materials and components used to manufacture the goods being exported for hard currency will be returned to such enterprises.

In the first half of 1995, only the export of grain will be subject to quoting while in the second half the quoting will be canceled".

KV, January 17, 1995. Energy ministry went broke, what next?

"O.Shebestov, the deputy energy minister of Ukraine, stated that the energy and electrification ministry had actually gone broke since the debt of its consumers exceeds 20 trillion krb. The ministry's debt to suppliers is 32 trillion krb (6 trillion are the fuel debt).

He also informed that the ministry has no money to buy the fuel for heat and power stations which use only 1/3 of their capacity".

KVed, January 17, 1995. No limits to sales and purchases.

"During his visit to Kryvbas, Vice-Premier Pynzenyk informed that he had already signed the president's decree canceling his three previous decrees limiting monetary circulation in Ukraine. The new draft decree lifts all constrains on purchasing or selling the goods for cash on the part of legal entities and enterprises".

N, January 18, 1995. Donbas-Turkmenistan: direct contact.

"The Donbas region authorities decided to conclude the agreement with Turkmenistan on gas supplies. The Donbas delegation, consisting of two deputy chairmen of the Donbas regional committee and directors of local industrial works, went to Ashgabad to hold the talks to this end".

KVed, January 19, 1995. Black Sea shipbuilders reach China.

"The Black Sea shipbuilding yard's delegations from Mykolayiv visited China, Germany, Sweden and Norway to expand business contacts in the field".

N, January 19, 1995. Cooperation among manufacturers.

In addition to the Ukrainian union of entrepreneurs and industrialists, there are also the Ukrainian society of industrialists, the union of independent businessmen, the Ukrainian national assembly of enterprise, the association of farmers and other public organizations representing the interests of manufacturers.

Recently, heads of said nongovernmental organizations met to discuss the ways for overcoming the economic crisis and raising the living standards.

The meeting was the prelude to the conference of those organizations".

N, January 19, 1995. First unit stopped.

"On January 17, the first unit in Khmelnytsky NPP was stopped by emergency safety system. The reasons are investigated".

N, January 19, 1995. No entrance without guards.

"On January 10, the national bank issued the resolution saying that the sums exceeding 100 mln. krb would be given to cashiers of enterprises and organizations only if they have the documents proving the presence of guards and transport facilities".

RG, January 20, 1995. Does Ukraine need the union?

"Answering the question in connection with the campaign on holding the referendum on defense, political and economic union with Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan, President Kuchma stressed he would do his best to strengthen Ukraine's independence. Said the president: 'Such union will not be useful for all these countries, including Ukraine'".

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