The economic history of Ukrayina

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Ukraine again signs ‘zero variant,’ but is it the final decision?
By Victor Tkachuk, Ukrainian Republican Party, 23 January 1995. Issue of liquidation of Soviet assets and liabilities.
Official Republic Press Digest
Press clippings regarding the economy of the Ukraine, covering 16 January 2001 to 23 January 2001.
Ukraine economy in deep trouble
BBC News, Tuesday 25 April 2000. The International Labour Office has warned that Ukraine faces a deepening economic crisis. Average monthly income is well below United Nations poverty levels and firms are operating at less than half their capacity, with most not able to pay their workers regularly.
Ukraine mine blast kills 36
BBC News, Monday, 20 August, 2001. The head of the independent miners' union, Mikhailo Volynets, blamed the owners of the mines for the disaster. “The safety regulations are permanently being undermined because the pit owners only think about maintaining production levels at the cost of miners' lives,” he said.
Ukraine may backtrack on economic project
RosBusinessConsulting (Russia), 28 January 2005. Yushchenko's pro-Russian rival Viktor Yanukovich promised that Ukraine would sign new documents in 2005 breathing new life into the Common Economic Area project. Yushchenko is not keen on integration with former Soviet republics….