The environmental history of Ukrayina

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‘Scam of the century’ adds to Chernobyl dangers
By Renfrey Clarke, Green Left Weekly, 11 March 1998. the government of Ukraine has received many hundreds of millions of dollars in foreign aid for clean-up work and measures to improve nuclear safety. Ukrainian environmentalists believe that vast sums have been embezzled by crooked nuclear industry officials.
12th year of Chernobyl—the tragedy still continuing
Greenpeace, 24 April 1998. The consequences of the Chernobyl disaster are growing worse from one day to another. About 50.000 square kilometers are contaminated by radiation, more than 8% (four million people) of Ukrainian population are affected.
Unions' Chernobyl Warning
ICEM Update, 2 June 2000. The international community “is still very far from fulfilling its financial obligations” to cover “technical and safety issues” related to the decommissioning of Chernobyl nuclear power station.