Workers are not asked

Magyar Nemzet Online (MNO), 16 September 2003, 13:53

The trade union of Dunaferr expects in Dunaújváros the leaders of State Privatization Company. The president of the Trade Union of Ironworkers of Dunaferr claims the privatization tender made public yesterday does not contain the basic demands of the workers.

The protectors of interests expect the leaders of the State Privatization Company (ÁPV Rt) in Dunaújváros to stop alibi talks. Mihály Bálint informed Magyar Nemzet that the tender prescribed only five years of development plan for the new proprietor instead of ten and did not contain the guarantees for employing the workers for at least five years. The president said they were ready for all sorts of pressures to achieve what they demand. Earlier Premier Medgyessy has promised to keep Dunaferr in state propriety but later it was announced that the state would give up its majority shares. Trade union leaders say this is a political decision not a professional one.