The working-class history of the Republic of Hungary

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Hungary rail strike nears record length
Nando Media, 7 February 2000. Hungary's rail strike reached its seventh day Monday, nearing record length with no agreement in sight. The three striking unions, representing 56,000 workers, are demanding a 10.78 percent wage increase. A new collective agreement to replace one expired at the end of last year is even more important than wage demands.
Hungarian Health Care Workers Stage Demonstrations, Strikes Nationwide
Agence France Presse, 9 December 2000. Hungarian health care workers have staged a series of warning strikes and demonstrations nationwide to protest “miserable” financial conditions in the sector.
Videoton jobs hope for IBM workforce
By Tamás S Kiss, The Budapest Sun, 7 November 2002. Videoton announced it was in talks to utilize the production lines at IBM Storage Products. János Papp, director of western Hungary's industry workers' trade union Vasas Szakszervezeti Szövetség, said there would be an agreement regarding wages and annuities for redundant employees.
Workers are not asked
Magyar Nemzet Online (MNO), 16 September 2003. The president of the Trade Union of Ironworkers of Dunaferr claims the privatization tender made public yesterday does not contain the basic demands of the workers.