Date: Tue, 7 Jul 98 12:34:29 CDT
Subject: RNN / Roma community centre vandalised by right-wing extremists
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Roma community centre vandalised by right-wing extremists

Romanews (RNN), 7 July 1998

Lodz / Poland, RNN (Correspondant), July 7th 1998 On Friday July 3rd the community centre for Roma in Lodz (Poland) was broken into and vandalised.

The perpetrators have not yet been identified; they daubed swastikas on the walls along with slogans like “Send Gypsies to the gas chambers” and “Lynch all gypsies”.

The so-called “Narodowe Odrozenie Polski” —NOP—(Polish National Renewal) has claimed responsiblity for the attack. Although this organistation has it headquarters barely two streets away, according to the Lodz police P.R. rep Jadwiga Kosiak, there is no reason to press charges against the extremist NOP.

The attack on the community centre is so far the crecendo in the spiral of violence against Roma in Poland.

Three Roma were murdered in and around Lodz last year by as-yet “unidentified” persons; in other Polish towns there have been similar pogrom-like attacks on Roma.

According to the chairman of Lodz's Roma Organization, Mr. Wisniewski, “Right-wingers attack Roma and the law shows no interest in following up such racist-motivated crimes. One is increasingly led to believe that the legal system, police and extremist nationalists are somehow working together for a “Gypsy-free Poland”. Given circumstances like this, many Roma have no choice but to flee to neighbouring states for asylum”.