The social history of the Republic of Poland

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Roma community centre vandalised by right-wing extremists
Romanews (RNN), 7 July 1998. The perpetrators have not yet been identified; they daubed swastikas on the walls along with slogans like “Send Gypsies to the gas chambers” and “Lynch all gypsies”. The attack on the community centre is so far the crecendo in the spiral of violence against Roma in Poland.
Polish Farmers Declare War On European Membership
Northstar Compass, August 2000. Thousands of Polish smallholders claim that they are being pushed to the wall in the Warsaw government's rush to negotiate with Brussels on entry to the European Union. The farmers are furious since it will wipe out their livelihoods.
Polish unemployment returns to record level
Agence France Presse, 22 January 2003. Unemployment in Poland, the European Union's biggest to-be-member, returned to record levels in December after the country's new superminister for jobs and the economy warned things would get worse.