The Fascistization of the Political Life in the Ukraine

By A. Maevsky, Secretary CC AUCPB, Editor of Workers-Peasants Pravda newspaper, Northstar Compass, June 2000

On December 8, 1991 three traitors of all the Soviet people—Yeltsin, Krawchuk, Shushkewich, under the guidance—but also silent Gorbachev, Yakovlev, Shevernadze and other state leaders of the USSR and the CPSU, signed the Belovezh Agreement and thus dismantled the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics.

The most active role in this in the Ukraine was performed by all the Ukrainian nationalists and other groupings, who promoted the nationalistic ideology plus anti-Communism and rabid anti-Sovietism. Even at the end of 1980's RUKH started its work of making heroes out of Bandera and his cutthroats—and after the Second World War these elements were in full swing praising American imperialism. This was started first of all in Western Ukraine and after that, slowly but systematically all over Ukraine. They started to tear down the Soviet red flags from buildings and the Ukrainian flags also and putting in their place the Ukrainian nationalist flags, the blue and yellow flag of Ukrainian fascism.

After the dismemberment of the USSR and the formation of the capitalist “Independent” Ukraine, this yellow and blue flag was flown over all government buildings all across the country-even though, according to the 1978 Ukrainian Constitution, the legal Ukrainian flag was the red and blue flag of the USSR—Ukrainian Republic.

June 8, 1995 president Kuchma of Ukraine with the former chairman of the Ukrainian Supreme Soviet, Alexander Moroz (leader of the Socialist Party of Ukraine) signed a new unconstitutional Constitution, which abolished the 1978 legal Constitution. On June 28, 1996; the Ukrainian parliament during the night, under the leadership of Moroz (the socialist) made the deputies sign this new constitution under threat of arrest and without the people of Ukraine having an opportunity to vote or even be informed about this travesty of justice. Thus the fascist Banderite flag that is now the flag of Ukraine was adopted.

In the adoption of this new Constitution and flag, the main role was played by the nationalists, but unfortunately also by some of the left forces. In fact practically the whole socialist fraction in parliament voted for this constitution and nationalist flag. Besides all these nationalists and socialists, even 23 members of the Communist Party of Ukraine as deputies joined the nationalists. Let me remind you that in order to change the constitution and adopt a new flag you needed a 2/3 majority of the deputies, that means 300 out of 450 deputies were needed. The “new” constitution was adopted by 321 votes! If the 23 members (deputies) of the Communist Party of Ukraine would have voted against this or even abstained, then this nationalistic constitution and flag could not have adopted! After this unbelievable vote, the “new” constitution was adopted, the 40 members of the Communist Party of Ukraine deputies, under their leader Simonenko voted to eliminate now the legal 1978 Ukrainian Constitution and to be replaced by this nationalistic constitution. Yes, the bourgeoisie pays its servants well, even those that call themselves “communists” of the CPU.

The Ukrainian nationalists now in the government are rewriting the whole history of Ukraine in their own image. All that was Soviet is being eliminated and dirt and falsehoods are heaped upon it. Unfortunately helping these nationalists is the leadership of the Socialist Party of Ukraine, stating that there was no Socialism in the USSR, heaping dirt and calumny on Stalin and his government. On the position of anti-Stalinism unfortunately there also stand some of the leadership of the Progressive Socialist Party of Ukraine and to a certain extent (although in embalmed phraseology) the CPU.

Ukraine has now become a colony of IMF, WB and NATO and no longer holds its place as an industrial and agricultural power in Europe.

During parliamentary elections in 1998 there was elected from Western Ukraine (Lvov region) the most rabid anti-Communist that there ever was, the wife of Yaroslav Stetsko who was the Ukrainian fascist head of the “Anti-Bolshevik Bloc” and leader of the Congress of Ukrainian Nationalists. Many more Ukrainian nationalists got elected to parliament.

The cheating and outright falsification was very rampant, leading even to the attempt assassination of N. Vitrenko the leader of the Progressive Socialist Party of Ukraine. Even the Kuchma regime had to admit that they spend millions upon millions of US dollars on the election. As the saying goes, who pays the fiddler, calls the tune!

Kuchma now is in full gear, selling off to foreign investors Ukrainian lands and forests. According to the latest information, as of April 1, 2000, 95% of all collective and state farms have been privatized. That means that the former farm workers are going to be thrown into the same position as were beggars under Czarist times.

Knowing full well that these policies shall bring an outburst from the workers and peasants, the Kuchma regime is now putting the squeeze even on its own small bourgeoisie and thus the so-called “Referendum” held on April 16th, which gave president Kuchma full dictatorial powers.

(We wrote in the last issue of NSC as to what this Referendum tried and what it achieved. Editor)

Now the move is going on to actually get rid from the Ukrainian parliament any left wing or considered left-wing deputies for one reason or another: deputies like A. Tkachenko, A. Martiniuk, and to replace them with rabid Ukrainian nationalists such as I. Plush, V. Medvechuk, S. Gavrish and others. This parliament has now actually abolished from the Ukrainian calendar the holidays and the meaning of November 7th,—the Day of the Great October Socialist Revolution.

The same reactionary process is happening also in the regions, such as lvan-Frankovsk, Ternopol and Lvov regions where there are laws being enacted in order to ban the Communist Party of Ukraine. Young Ukrainian fascists are let loose to take over buildings, wreck the premises of any communist party and their newspapers, such as was done to the newspaper “Workers-Peasants Pravda of which I am the Editor, being published in the Carpathian Region of Ukraine, in Mukachevo.

The attacks against the AUCPB (All Union Communist Party of Bolsheviks) are continuing. In April of 1996 there died very, very suddenly and under strange circumstances a member of CC AUCPB, S.P. Subbotin (city of Cherkassy).The official cause of death, according to authorities was old age and heart. But we all saw the terrible marks of blows to the head which were visible. His body was found at night on his way home.

October 12, 1998, after 4 days of taking part and directing the strike of workers at the industry “Hammer and Sickle” together with the Kharkov district AUCPB, ) the organizer of the AUCPB, A.L.Bondarenko died in a fatal (very suspicious)auto crash.

In Sevastopol in 1998 there took place another attempt to close the publication of our newspaper. But we managed to fight off these unconstitutional attacks for now.

At our February 2, 2000 Conference we undertook to adopt the statement about the “Danger of national-fascist dictatorship in the political life of Ukraine”. We cannot allow this to happen and we must organize to stop this attempt at all costs. We must unite all of our forces in this effort, before it's too late. We must resurrect the Soviet Union and Socialism.

We see as our main task to organize and help the workers and peasants in their struggle for their rights, to help the w6rking class to unite its efforts, to help them to arise from their narrow economic demands and into the realm of the class struggle for socialism and for a revolutionary change, to fulfill their task as the grave-digger of capitalism. We must build this foundation again and go forward towards a communist future—the future of all humanity!