The contemporary political history of Ukrayina

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Ukraine: Secret mass executions in Ukraine called ‘barbaric’
The International Secretariat of Amnesty International, 3 December 1996. Contrary to the international standard that makes peacetime capital punishment a violation of human rights.
Parliamentary Elections in Ukraine
By Peter Krasnopyarov, Northstar Compass, March 1998. On the 29th of March, 1998, the elections to Ukrainian parliament will take place. The situation in the 2nd largest republic of the former USSR—both in general and concerning the left-wing movement (and communist especially) in particular.
Ukraine 2000 State Sell-Offs Raise $27 Mln To Date
Reuters, 1 March 2000. Ukraine, which has raised 1.507 million hryvnias from cash sell-offs since 1992, plans to boost privatization revenues to 2.5 billion hryvnias this year to help pay crushing foreign debt obligations…. Privatization is a key part of a $2.6 billion International Monetary Fund loan frozen in September 1999.
Russia Hails Referendum Results
By Sergei Blagov, InterPress Service, 18 April 2000. Ukraine's controversial weekend referendum, which increases Kuchma's presidential powers over parliament, has been welcomed by Russia. Kuchma, who has maintained uneasy relations with the country's parliaments over the past six years, argued he needed expanded powers to push for more reforms.
The Fascistization of the Political Life in the Ukraine
By A. Maevsky, Secretary CC AUCPB, editor of Workers-Peasants Pravda newspaper, Northstar Compass, June 2000. The Ukrainian nationalists and other groupings promoted the nationalistic ideology plus anti-Communism and rabid anti-Sovietism. The Ukrainian nationalists now in the government are rewriting the whole history of Ukraine in their own image.
Revolutionary situation in Ukraine?
By Vladimir Bilenkin, 11 February 2001. Today anti-Kuchma protesters made several attempts to storm the presidential palace but were beaten back by a strong force of special police. Our comrades from the All-Ukrainian Council of Workers—VSR (led by the radical wing of the Communist Party of Ukraine—CPU) retreated the battle scene in order.