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Czech Demonstrators Hurl Rocks At U.S. Embassy

Reuters, Saturday 5 June 1999, 5:14 PM ET

PRAGUE, Czech Republic (Reuters)—Czech demonstrators protesting against economic globalization hurled rocks and other objects at the U.S. embassy in Prague Saturday, Czech Radio reported.

The demonstration of several thousand people, dubbed by organizers a “global street party,” snaked its way through central Prague into the ancient district of Mala Strana at the foot of Prague Castle where several embassies are located.

The radio reported that police trying to protect the embassy were also targeted, as youths chanted slogans against NATO and capitalism. There were no reports of serious injuries.

The march continued back into the city center as darkness fell over Prague.

The Czech news agency CTK reported that several dozen of the marchers, mostly youths described as anarchists and radical ecological activists, were arrested during the demonstration. It said some were carrying weapons, including petrol bombs.

During a similar march a year ago, several demonstrators were injured in clashes with police in central Prague.

Earlier this spring, a group of anarchists overturned police cars and hurled petrol bombs as they were separated from neo-Nazi demonstrators near the Czech National Theater.