The contemporary political history of the Czech Republic

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Czech far-right targets Roma, NATO in campaign
RNN Agency, 18 May 1998. Czech far-right Republicans have fired the opening shots in the campaign for June's election with controversial posters proclaiming the party's opposition to NATO and to programmes favouring Roma.
Czech Demonstrators Hurl Rocks At U.S. Embassy
Reuters, Saturday 5 June 1999. Czech demonstrators protesting against economic globalization hurled rocks and other objects at the U.S. embassy in Prague Saturday.
Contemporary Czech Contradictions
By Mirko Svoboda, Northstar Compass, March 2000. The leadership of the then existing Communist Party's inability to rectify mistakes that were undermining the confidence of the working class was partly to blame for the Velvet Revolution of over ten years ago. The Czech society as a whole is deeply disappointed by the evolution of the past decades and the representations projected of itself by its President Vaclav Havel.
Summary of neo-Nazi organizations in the Czech Republic
Antifa Info-Bulletin, Research Supplement, 19 April 2000. Narodni Odpor Praha (National Resistance Prague-NO), Blood & Honour, “Narodni Aliance” (National Alliance) and “Vlastenecka Fronta” (Patriotic Front). Antifascist actions in Czech Republic.