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Czech racists—the republicans

Romanews Network, 1 September 1998

Prague / CZECH REP. The first appearance of the chairman of the Czech republicans, Miroslav Sládek, was a shock for all delegates of the new Czech parliament. “Among our citizens there is the opinion that gypsies should be criminal responsible from their birth on, because that is their greatest crime”, he said and added that gypsies should be criminal responsible from 10 years of age. According to the Czech constitution, members of the parliament cannot be punished for their speeches, at most they might pay for a “disciplinary measure” an amount up to 31.200 crowns (1.733 DM).

It was the second time that the aggressive chief of the Czech right-wing extremists attracted attention. During the past parliament election he had gained profit from his prejudice towards Roma as well as from the primitive “anti germanism”. A week ago, Sládek had been in a TV-discussion. His opponent, the well-known journalist and delegate of the Social Democratics, Pavel Dostál, had presented documents that showed that Sládek had been eagerly seeking a cooperation with the German Reps. He had attended their events and spoken for the benefit of the Sudeten Germans. He had said that his party had been suppressed in the former Czechoslovakia because of its positive attitude towards the agreement of Munich of 1938. He had also met Franz Schönhuber and had urgently asked financial aid of him. However, Schönhuber did not send money, but only propaganda material. Sládek was offended and his politics became extreme anti-German. His politics as a “defence of national interests” and his extremism towards Roma brought him profit and votes. The reps also penetrated the border clubs with this attitude. This organization declared that its main purpose is “to prevent the germanizing not only of the Czech border area but of the whole country” and that this aim has been supported by a few parties only, i. e. the left-wingers and the reps.

The cooperation of the extreme anti-communistic reps with the communists in the question of “the defence of the national interests” seems also very strange.

The Roma organizations have got up a petition with the aim to prohibit the reps because of their racism. The delegate Dostál has much attention. His republican colleagues cry “white Czechia” on him, and many people are suddenly interested in his descent. “I am a gypsy Jew”, says the dark-skinned man with the curly hair.