The social history of the Czech Republic

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Czech racists—the republicans
Romanews Network, 1 September 1998. It was the second time that the aggressive chief of the Czech right-wing extremists attracted attention. During the past parliament election he had gained profit from his prejudice towards Roma as well as from the primitive “anti germanism”.
Poverty 10X Higher World Bank Says
Associated Press, 19 September 2000. In its first study of poverty and inequality in Eastern Europe and Central Asia, the poverty in countries of the former Soviet Union has increased tenfold since the collapse of communism, the World Bank reported Tuesday. The World Bank, along with its sister lending organization the International Monetary Fund, hope to showcase the Czech Republic as a former Iron Curtain success story.
Czech unemployment hits record 10.3 % in January
Interfax, 12 January 2004. Analysts expect the unemployment rate to rise further in January. “With the labor market remaining over-regulated, increasing tax and social security burdens for self-employed entrepreneurs as of January 2004, the still relatively soft social system and labor costs on the high side, the unemployment rate lacks any positive stimulus for decline,”
Living standards worsen for Roma
The Prague Post, 20 January 2005. Employment opportunities are no more numerous, housing is no better and living standards are getting worse for Roma, or Gypsies, according to the first major government study of Romany Czechs since 1997.