The Russian presidential election of March 2000

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Election Fever Hits Russia
By Sergei Blagov, InterPress Service, 11 January 2000. As Russia's presidential election campaign unfolds, question remains whether the almost imminent winner, acting Kremlin boss Vladimir Putin, has the vision to tackle the country's mess.
Campaigning Putin woos Russian trade unions
Reuters, 16 February 2000. Acting President Vladimir Putin wooed Russia's trade unions on Wednesday, listening to their complaints. His image is that of an energetic leader who can get things done, although he has been criticised for a lack of clear policies. One clear goal has been the destruction of rebels in Chechnya.
Russian Vote Reveals Shift In Fault Lines
By David Hoffman, Washington Post, Tuesday 28 March 2000. Across the fertile southwestern crescent of Russia, in recent years sympathethy for Communist Party leader Gennady Zyuganov and symbols of the fallen Soviet empire. But the returns in Sunday's vote wiped out this belt; a new political bulldozer, Vladimir Putin, won the presidency with 52.5 percent of the vote and virtually pushed Zyuganov off the map in his own territory.
Statement on Russian Election
By RCWP (Russian Communist Workers Party), NorthStar Compass, May 2000. The idea of a state system and of non-class patriotism, these bourgeois delimiting ideas instead of the needed proletarian internationalism and the power of the Soviets as the highest form of the organization for a modern, contemporary civilized state, were easily taken away from Zyuganov by the candidate Vladimir Putin.