The Russian left

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Russia: Interview, Oleg Shein, only elected revolutionary
Interview by Steve Myers, January 2000. Oleg Shein is the only elected revolutionary Marxist in the new State Duma of Russia. The interview was distributed on ISKRA, the internet discussion list. Zaschita, the only national militant union in Russia. Oleg's policies in the Duma. The characer of Zyuganov. Cause of growth of nationalism.
Opposition and Power
By Y.V. Lazovsky, Lesosibirsk, Hammer & Sickle (Krasnoyarsk); reprinted in Northstar Compass, February 2000. The question that is uppermost in the minds of the people is whether an opposition can perform its function in the present state structures?
The Russian Left Today
By Boris Kagarlitsky, 7 July 2001. To judge from opinion surveys, newspaper reports and simply from conversations on the street, Russian society is moving leftward. To judge from the statements of politicians and the relationship of forces within the elite, however, the country is moving decisively to the right.
Attack Against the RCWP
Northstar Compass, August 2001. The allegations that RCWP is led by big business. Our high opinion of Joseph Stalin and the Soviet Union during his time. Critical articles in our press are not aimed at gays and lesbians but against the way of life of sheer individualism which has a class base. RCWP has great respect and deep sorrow to all victims of the fascist barbarian holocaust.
In the Communist Movements in Russia there is a Smell of a Fifth Column
Statement by the Union of Communist Parties—CPSU, Northstar Compass, February 2003. The present Russian regime is aware and frightened by the popularity of the leader Oleg Shenin. This present regime utilizes the CPRF in order to organize the disruption and dismemberment of the united communist parties and thus through the CPRF to gain greater influence.