The economic struggle of the Russian working class

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Russian labour's autumn of discontent
By Renfrey Clarke, Green Left Weekly, [24 November 1997]. Unpaid in many cases for months, large numbers of Russian workers are spoiling for a fight. After record-setting levels of labour struggles during the first half of 1997, there has been a renewed rise in the autumn.
‘Our task is to take power’
Interview with Vera Dimitrievna Arfanas, chairperson of the workers' committee of the OAO “Rosselmash” factory, published in the Russian Marxist paper Rabochaya Demokratiya (Workers's Democracy), issue no 45, August 1998.
Workers Fight Back Armed Guards in Vyborg
Translated from the news release of Rabochaia demokratiia (Moscow), [13 July 1999]. On July 9 dozens of uniformed cut-throats stormed and seized the administration building of the Vyborg Pulp and Paper Mill. A year and a half ago the workers had taken the control over this plant and resumed production.
As fighting unions emerge: unpaid Russian workers take over plants
By Bill Wayland, Workers World, 19 August 1999. The past year witnessed the rise of a militant strike movement among Russia's multinational working class. The workers' movement in Russia had seemed dormant since the fall of the Soviet Union. That was due to the combined effects of economic depression and political demoralization.