The struggle of Russian miners

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Russian miners mobilise to beat pay scam
By Renfrey Clarke, Green Left Weekly, 16 October 1995. Angry miners inflicted a notable defeat on the Russian government in mid-August. A mass hunger strike in the coalfields of southern Russia, accompanied by large-scale picketing, forced the Moscow authorities to make provisions for the prompt payment of overdue wages, and to admit responsibility for the continuing financial crisis in the coal industry.
Miners' Strike Shows Deep Crisis In Russia
By Laura Garza, Militant, Vol.60 no.7, 19 February 1996. A two-day strike of almost half a million miners in Russia highlighted the deepening economic and political crisis there and the growing numbers of workers facing depression conditions.
Miners' strike in northern Russia
By Dmitry Konstantinov, ICFTU Online…, 12 June 1997. 130,000 miners in the coal mining region of Pechorski in the far north of Russia, voted yesterday to end the strike begun on June 2 to demand the payment of several months' pay arrears.
Russia: Miners die as government delays payments
By Renfrey Clarke, In Defense of Marxism, 27 January 1998. The real reasons behind the recent coal mine “accidents” in Russia. Lack of investment, coal unionists point out, is directly affecting safety.
Russian Miners Protest Wage Promise
Reuters, Northstar Compass, June 1998. Hundreds of desperate coal miners in and around Russia's Arctic city of Vorkuta blocked a major railway on Saturday for a fourth successive day, despite government promises to pay their wage arrears.
Gloomy future for Russia's miners
By Sarah Rainsford, BBC News, 29 October 2003. The explosion is the fifth serious mining disaster this year. Local union men say they have been warning of danger for months. Independent mining unions say the latest accidents point to a wider crisis in the coal industry.