The history of children and youth in the Russian Federation

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World Union calls for immediate action to prevent explosion of child labour in Russia
ICFTU Online..., 26 October 1999. Millions of Russian Children are in imminent danger of falling out of the school system and facing destitution, child labour or criminal exploitation unless immediate action is taken.
Market Reforms Left Children Behind
By Sergei Blagov, InterPress Service, 13 December 1999. While millions of Russians are struggling to survive an economic slide, boys and girls appear as the system's prime victims.
Russian skinheads 60 years after Hitler's defeat
By RIA Novosti political commentator Vladimir Simonov, 2 February 2006. Skinheads are part of Russia's youth subculture, as sociologists believe about 55,000 young people in the country see themselves as neo-Nazis. Russian sociologists are positive that this is Nazism and not banal youth crime. The far-right press engages in the ideological brainwashing of Russia's young people.
Child health crisis in Russia
By Emma Griffiths, Australian Broadcasting Corporation, 19 February 2006. A new report into children's health in Russia has revealed that seven out of ten babies are born with health problems. The rate of illness increases during school to the point where 50 per cent of Russian high school graduates suffer from chronic conditions that restrict their career choices.