The social history of the Russian Federation

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Russia: learning to live without a job
By Renfrey Clarke, Green Left Weekly, 7 October 1995. New Labor Code eliminates workers' right to a job. Unemployment statistics don't reveal entire grim reality. Social consequences of the market economy.
Discrimination against the Indigenous People of the North in the Russian Federation
From the Russian Federation Association of Indigenous Peoples of the North, Siberia and Far East 18 March 1996. Dramatic decline of socio-economic conditions among peoples of the North, such as the Aleut, Ket, Iganasan, Negidalets, Orok, Oroch, Tofalar, Enets, Yukagir (the Ain, Vod, Kamasinets, Kerek, Omok, and Yug are already extinct).
Russians arming themselves
By Fred Weir, Hindustani Times, 12 March 1997. Rising crime and fear of social unrest.
Anything but safe for asylum-seekers
From Amnesty International News Service, 18 April 1997. Refugees to Russian Federation are denied access to asylum procedures, leaving them subject to abuse for years.
Banditry Threatens the New Russia
By David Hoffman, Washington Post, 12 May 1997. Law Enforcement Collapse Erodes Democracy, Free-Market Economy.
Press Release From the UN Committee on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights
21 May 1997. Displacement of indigenous people of Siberia by gas and oil exploration.