The social history of Ukrayina

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UN labor body sees Ukraine in deep crisis
Reuters, 25 April 2000. Ukraine, among Europe's largest countries and potentially one of its richest, has sunk into a deep economic crisis that has created a vast army of unemployed. The crisis, sparked by failure to tackle key problems of governance since Ukraine became independent on the breakup of the old Soviet Union in 1991, has also led to population decline and a huge drop in living standards.
Development communities and improved social conditions for Roma of Ukraine
Round rable report, 5 November 2003. Objective of the round table was discussion on perspectives of Roma community development and improvement of social conditions of Roma in Ukraine from the point of view of adoption of state program “Social and cultural renaissance of Roma”.
Ukranian University Teaches racism and homophoibia
Nash Mir, Press release, 6 July 2005. The Nash Mir (Our World) Gay and Lesbian Center today draws the public's attention to the spreading of explicit and undisguised instigations of xenophobia in Ukraine—by persons associated with the Interregional Academy of Personnel Management (IAPM).