The history of women and gender in Ukrayina

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New Ukrainian Law Against Trafficking in Women
International Women's Human Right Centre “La Strada-Ukraine”, 21 April 1998. On March 24, 1998, on the last day of the session, Ukrainian Parliament adopted a new Law on making amendments to the acting legislation on banning trafficking in people in Ukraine.
‘A Million Young Ukrainian Women Want to Leave their Country’
ICFTU OnLine..., 200/991006/SG, 6 October 1999. Interview by Samuel Grumiau concerning La Strada on the subject of prostitution abroad.
From Ukraine to hell
By Samuel Grumiau, ICFTU OnLine..., 6 October 1999. Because of its concern about the growing trafficking of women for prostitution, the ILO has recently increased its co-operation with NGOS to stamp this out. Trade Union World correspondent Samuel Grumiau recently had the opportunity to look into this phenomenon.