Images from World History offers examples of premodern art and archæology the world over to support the teaching of world history. Information about this site is provided on a separate page.

The menu system can be accessed by clicking on the links to the submenus or by pressing the TAB key until the entry is selected, and then the ENTER key. Some content could not be recovered from the University of Alabama.

Starting on 24 May 2008, this site is being slowly reconstructed in this new location as time allows. Donations of images to expand it are welcome, and I would appreciate knowing of any corrections or suggestions, for which contact me by e-mail. Reached by 30 May 2008, the Ancient section, East Asia.

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The Archaic Mode of Production (rule by a “supernatural community”)
Archaic Africa
Archaic Mesopotamia
Archaic Anatolia
Archaic Europe
The Ancient Mode of Production (rule by a “political community”)
Ancient East Asia
The Ancient Near East
Ancient Central Asia
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Ancient West Asia
Iron Age Europe
Ancient Mediterranean Culture
Ancient Africa
The Feudal Mode of Production (rule by the private power of a class)
Feudal West Asia
Byzantine Empire
Early Medieval Europe
High Medieval Europe
Feudal Africa