The Palæolithic Era in Africa

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[Australopithecus anamensis from Lake 

1. Human life originated in Africa. These Australopithecus anamensis fossils of ca. 4 Myr BP are from Lake Turkana, northern Kenya (National Museum of Kenya).

[Gona River artifact assemblage, 

2. Lake Turkana, in northern Kenya, is now a desert, but in 4 Myr BP, it was covered by ancient Lake Lonyumum, and in the lush forests surrounding the rivers feeding the lake lived some of mankind's important hominid ancestors, including Australopithecus anamensis.

[Gona River artifact assemblage, Afar, 

3. From the Gona River artifact assemblage, Afar, Ethopia. This core is part of a collection of flakes, flake fragments, and cores which are dated to 2.60-2.52 myr BP. The world's oldest known tools (Rutgers University).


[ Jaw of Homo (species uncertain) and 
	choppers from Hadar, Ethiopia ]

4. 2.33 Myr BP upper jaw of genus Homo (species uncertain) and choppers from Hadar, Ethiopia. This is the oldest Homo fossil known, and the earliest tools associated with hominid remains.

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