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Australians are warming to unions: survey
By Paul Robinson, The Age, 23 July 2001. Australians are developing more positive attitudes to trade unions with more now committed to joining a union compared with two years ago. This follows years of sharply declining union membership, which fell from about 45 per cent of workers in the 1980s to about 24 per cent today. That trend was reversed earlier this year when more than 25,000 new members, almost all women, were logged by the Australian Bureau of Statistics.
Che Guevara lives on, if not in our hearts at least on our chests
By Rachel Roberts, Sydney Morning Herald, 15 March 2002. Che Guevara is displayed everywhere, printed over khaki, red and rainbow-coloured T-shirts. it invokes our deeply rooted romantic understandings of revolution: our concepts of intellectualism, political defiance, liberation and, ultimately, martyrdom. Why has this image captured the imagination of the urban professional middle classes?