The history of superstition in the Commonwealth of Australia

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Cult head, 71, molested girls, trial told
AAP, The Sydney Morning Herald, 20 July 2000. A 71-year-old man, described as the guru of a religious cult who collected a harem of nine 'wives', today went on trial on charges of molesting four girls aged between seven and 10.
'Harem' deserts convicted guru
AAP, The Age, Friday 4 August 2000. New Zealand-born Laishkochav, formerly known as Ian Lowe, attracted followers because of his spiritual powers and beliefs based on Jewish, Muslim and Mormon religions. Laishkochav had possessed a strong charismatic personality and he had taken his role as patriarch seriously, caring for his wives and children.
Australian church apologies to child migrants
BBC, 22 March 2001. Australia's Roman Catholic Church apologised to British and Maltese child migrants who suffered abuse including rape, whippings and slave labour in religious institutions.