The history of education in the Commonwealth of Australia

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Business and government push privatised high schools
By Kerryn Williams, in Green Left Weekly, 4 May 1997. Massive shift of state and federal funding from public to private secondary schools accompanied by enrollment shift. Long term goal is to privatize secondary education.
McSchools in Australia
By Daniel Cass, 14 July 1997. Work training substitutes for academic credit.
McD moves into Schools as Curriculum
From Pat Thomson, 11 November 1997. McDonalds works substitutes for schooling.
McDonalds and Education
From Neil Cheney, 14 December 1997. Working for McDonalds boosts rank for college admission.
Union fears more funding cuts would hit education
By Carolyn Jones, Education Correspondent, The Age, Wednesday 26 April 2000. Schools and TAFE colleges will suffer if more education department jobs are cut in next week's state budget. The Community and Public Sector Union believes fewer department administrators reduce their productivity and have a detrimental effect on teachers and students.

The history of university education in Australia

Aboriginal studies initiative under attack from top university
From Rhonda Craven, Project Co-ordinator 'Teaching the Teachers,' 14 October 1996. University of New South Wales program to teach teachers how to teach indigenous studies.
Minister sends censorship signal
Is the Victorian Government preparing to apply its own standards of political correctness to universities? By George Aditjondro, in The Australian, Higher Education Supplement, 23 April 1997.
ANU Struggle
From Rick Kuhn, Australian National University, 15 September 1997. Running ANU like a business enterprise at expense of Arts Faculty.