Working-class social history in Australia

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The history of female prostitution in Australia
By Raelene Frances, from W.I.S.E. Women's Issues and Social Empowerment, 1994. Sex workers promote a brothel museum to mark the important contribution of the industry. Here a historical synopsis of the sex industry with respect to women in Australia.
Cheap NZ workers rile Aussie unions
One News, 16 December 1999. Australian unions have acted against a New Zealand company which is importing 120 New Zealand students to work in its shops across the Tasman. In a breach of the minimum wage law, the camping gear chain Kathmandu has recruited students to work.
Ethnic workers face health risk
By Chloe Saltau, Social Policy Reporter, The Age, 10 March 2000. Women textile workers from non-English-speaking backgrounds are more vulnerable to occupational, emotional and reproductive health problems than other women in the industry.
Gay and lesbian unionists organize
Unite! Les/Bi/Gay/Trans Workers Victoria, Press Release, Workers Online, 8 June 2000. The first meeting of Victoria's new cross-union gay and lesbian union members' group will be held at Trades Hall.
Work jungle impeding women: activist
By Chloe Saltau and Carolyn Batt, The Age, 17 July 2000. Women would not advance at work until the jungle culture that rewarded long hours at the expense of family was broken down. Power brokers pay lip-service to women's equality while considering them inferior.