The retrospective history
of the Commonwealth of Australia

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Australia: A chronology of key events
BBC Monitoring, 27 June 2001. A brief chronology that begins with the arrival of Australia's First Peoples in about 40.000 B.C.
Australian radical history: Maritime Strike 1878 - 1879
Excerpt from Anarchist Age Weekly Review, 10-16 February 1998. The 1878 to 1879 Maritime strike shows that little has changed on the waterfront. The seamen's strike in 1878 was the first intercolonial dispute in Australia.
Australia Marks Union Anniversary
By Mike Corder, Associated Press, Sunday 31 December 2000. On 1 January 1901, Australia's provinces united as one country. Celebration of that event. PM Howard characterizes the 20th century as one of progress.
The origins of the CPA
By John Percy, Green Left News. The history of the Communist Party of Australia from 1920 up to WWII.
How the Liberals sheltered Nazis
By Norm Dixon, in Green Left Weekly, 11 September 1997. Menzies government Cold War policies welcomed post-World War II Nazi refugees.
The CPA revisited: what went wrong?
By Gerry Harant, Green Left Weekly. Critique of the post WWII Communist Party of Australia by a dissident artist in the WWII era.
Australian perspectives on the Vietnam war
A dialog from H-Asia list, December 1995. Recommended readings in English on Australia's participation in the Vietnam War.
Australia's first Communist MP
By John Nebauer, Green Left News. Biography of Fred Paterson (1897-1977), Queensland MP in 1944.
Lessons of the Whitlam Labor government and its overthrow
Socialist Appeal, Friday 10 November 2000. November 11th 2000 marks the 25th anniversary of the dismissal of the Whitlam Labor government (1972-1975). That event has tended to overshadow the memory of the first Labor government to come to power in Australia after the years of Liberal-Country party rule that marked that era.
US Aussie spy base relevations
By Cameron Stewart, et al., in The Australian, 18 February 1999. Newly declassified US Air Force documents made public in Australia. As recently as 1991, Washington considered it possible for the Soviet Union to launch a vast array of deadly force against the base at Nurrungar. Australia sycophantic towards the US and does whatever US wants here to do.
Union giant left his mark with dignity
By Nick O'Malley, Syndey Morning Herald, 9 December 2000. The union movement lost one of its elder statesmen with the death of former ACTU president Mr Cliff Dolan. In 1949, after five years as an electrician, Mr Dolan became an organiser for the Electrical Trades Union and progressed through union ranks until he became president of the ACTU in 1980.