The history of illegal mass struggle and terrorism

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Radical Muslim “demands” have foundation and history
Mid-East Realities, 25 August 1998. When the anti-American Iranian Revolution took place 19 years ago it didn't happen in a vacuum, and what is taking place today in 1998 is not happening in a vacuum either. The coalition of radical Muslim groups that has come together to challenge U.S./Israeli domination of the Middle East issues demands.
A Background to Terrorism
By Ralph McGehee, CIABASE, 25 August 1998. A catalog of US aggression especially in the 1980s and 90s, and especially in the Mideast.
If the Soviet Union were still a reality ...
The New Statesman Leader, New Statesman, 17 September 2001. The US often seems a greedy and overweening power because its people have willed it. The USSR gave the poor the sense of an alternative, of possibility. The terrorist attacks have hit a civilisation that has grown complacent, selfish and in some respects decadent.
Genesis of international terrorism
By Eqbal Ahmad, October 1998, reprinted in DAWN, Friday 5 October 2001, 17 Rajab 1422. The nature of international terrorism, its causes and the most effective way of dealing with it.
[A collection of views on terrorism]
London Review of Books, September 2001. Views of Tariq Ali, Amit Chaudhuri, Stephen Holmes, R.W. Johnson, Yitzhak Laor, Edward Said, and Jeremy Waldron.
Resistance is never futile
By Arundhati Roy, Le Monde diplomatique, March 2003. How do we confront the complexity of empire, of corporate globalization? The free market does not threaten national sovereignty, it undermines democracy. Before 11 September 2001 the US had a secret history, but now that history public knowledge. We can improve our memory, learn from our history. We can build public opinion until it becomes overwhelming.
Intifada: A word for the world
Editorial, Workers World, 22 April 2004. There's one very important word that an oppressed nation, the Palestinians, have brought from Arabic to the rest of the world's languages: Intifada. It has come to mean an uprising with deep roots in the population, an uprising of people who possess little in the way of weapons compared to the oppressor state and lots of courage and determination.