The history of the Ancient Nile Valley

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The history of the Ancient Kemet

Review of George G. M. James, Stolen Legacy
By Femi Akomolafe, n.d.
Dialog on the selection of pharaohs
From H-World list, January 1995. Was the monarchy matriarchal?
Mediterranean dating and the chronology of Kemet
By Bill Schell, Murray State University, 16 April 1995. Kemet a perhaps flawed basis for ancient Mediterranean chronology.
Chickens in Ancient Kemet
From Ira Plotinsky, 1 February 1996.
Ahmose and Kamose and their familial relationship
From Sara E. Orel, 4 February 1996. From Ancient Near East list.
Mummy with an artificial leg
From Michael Rhodes, on ANE List, 15 February 1996.

The history of ancient & feudal Nubia

Dialog on the origin of name Nubia
From the Nubia list, January 1996.
Were Nubians the founders of the ancient Nile Valley Civilization?
A dialog from Nubia list, July 1996.
Ancient Sudan Civilization
Information provided by abubakr sidahmed to Nubia List, October 1966.
Nubia and the Crusades
A dialog on the Nubia list, 6 October 1996.