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 History of southern Africa
Swaziland labor protests
By Chris Lowe. 2 July, 1995.
General strike
Associated Press. 24 January, 1996. Second day of nation-wide strike in demand of democratic reforms. Labor unions are calling on King Mswati III's government to legalize political parties banned since 1972.
COSATU meeting with Swazi Union postponed
Tindzaba/News. 6 February, 1996.
Swaziland trade union leader granted bail
Tindzaba/News. 7 February, 1996. Jabulani Nxumalo, assistant secretary-general of the Swaziland Federation of Trade Unions.
Stop granting Swazi citizenship to foreigners, says prince
Tindzaba/News. 9 February, 1996. Manzini regional administrator Prince Gabheni Dlamini says Swazi trade unions now led by foreigners.
Leading newspaper condemns South African interference
Tindzaba/News. 11 February, 1966. ANC, SACP, SATU etc. criticized for involvement in Swaziland's constitutional and labor problems. King Sobhuza II proscribed all political parties in 1973 when he suspended the constitution. But there is a hint King Mswati will restore the 1968 constitution.
Swaziland King begins constitutional reform process
Tindzaba/News. 7 March, 1996.
Pro-democracy groups form alliance in Swaziland
Tindzaba/News. 9 March, 1996.
Swaziland's opposition party changes executive
Tindzaba/News. 10 March, 1996.
Swazi king and labor leaders share platform at prayer rally
Tindzaba/News. 10 March, 1996.
Extracts from issues of March 16 & 17, 1996, re constitutional reform.
Civil servants, teachers reject E91M package
Summary of Times of Swaziland article,
13 June, 1996.
Swazi unionists charged
Statement from PUDEMO International Office. 22 March, 1996. Also two press reports.
Pudemo and the Constitutional Review Commission
From Timothy Dauth. 31 July, 1996.
Labor movement triumphs over government
COMTEX Newswire. 1 April, 1997. General strike by labor comes to lead the country's demands for political and economic reforms a success in that the king forced to yield.

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