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History of Mozambique

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 History of southern Africa
Primrose faliu: novecentos mineiros mocambicanos desembregados
From Noticias de Mocambique, 18 April, 1995. In Portugese.
Dia dos trabalhadores
From Noticias de Mocambique, 6 May, 1995. In Portugese.
Mozambique press freedom report
From "Article 19" group, 27 October, 1995.
Mozambican minister defends S. African investment
Reuter. 30 November, 1995. White South African farmers seek to buy up land in Mozambique.
Italy Cancels Mozambique's Debt
PANA. 24 January, 1996. Debt cancellation used to leverage structural adjustment.
U.S. Agency Warns Mozambique: No More Food Aid
PANA. 29 January, 1996. US threatens to halt Mozambique's major source of outside food aid because of its failure to account for a relatively small amount of maize.
Mozambique's tragic legacy of landmines
By Gustavo Mavie. Third World Network Features. 23 September, 1966.
Trying to Limit the Bruises
By Delfina Mugabe. IPS. 21 April, 1997. Effort by Mozambiquen NGOs to reduce domestic violence.

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