The history of right-wing politics in the U.S.

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The Pioneer Fund as promulgators of fascism
Comments on an article by Grace Lichtenstein in The New York Times, 11 December 1977.
By Chip Berlet, September 1992.
More on the Rockford Institute issue
By Chip Berlet, 7 October 1992. Re. neo-fascism.
’People moving to the right’ idea is a hoax
By Jarvis Tyner, in People’s Weekly World, 10 December 1994. Argues that mass of American voters not buying the rhetoric of rightist candidates.
Policy-Making Influence of the Pioneer Foundation
By Chip Bertlet’s Political Research Associates, 27 February 1995. Re. Roger Pearson.
Carto and the Liberty Lobby
By Center for Democratic Renewal, 25 March 1995. Re. Willis Carto, the Liberty Lobby, The Spotlight, and the Institute for Historical Review.
The Pioneer Fund, Wickliffe P. Draper and this moment in history
12 April 1995.
New book on right-wing politics
By Richard Hatch, 30 October 1995. Re. Sara Diamond, Roads to Dominion: Right-Wing Movements and Political Power in the United States.
Critical Books on Scientology/Dianetics
By Martin G. V. Hunt, 6 November 1995. A book checklist.
Introduction to Dianetics and Scientology
1995. Brief definitions.
The Spotlight & Liberty Lobby
By Ribaud, 26 November 1995.
Buchanan, Pratt, et al.
By Michael Novic, 18 February 1996. The association of Larry Pratt and Patrick Buchanan.