Patrick Buchanan and right-wing politics in the U.S.

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Buchanan & Fascism: A Serious Look
By Chip Berlet, 19 February 1996. A critical view of Patrick Buchanan.
Fertile Ground for Demagogues
By Steve Hellinger, D’GAP Executive Directory, 22 February 1996. A more positive assessment of Patrick Buchanan's significance in US politics.
Sweeney on Buchanan
Comments on Patrick Buchanan by John Sweeney, President of the AFL-CIO at the Bal Harbour, Florida, at AFL-CIO annual convention. In People’s Weekly World, 24 February 1996.
The Buchanan campaign incorporates themes of right Wing Populism, Scapegoating, Reactionary Politics and Fascism
By Chip Berlet, 24 February 1996.
Buchanan's neo-Nazi links exposed
By Tim Wheeler, in People’s Weekly World, 24 February 1996.
Buchanan puts forward fascist agenda in Iowa
By Norton Sandler, Militant, 26 February 1996.
Patrick Buchanan—in his own words
FAIR Report, 26 February, 1996. Rather than focus on his associations, here a selection of Buchanan quotations on various topics.