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History of Pakistan

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  South Asia in General
   Documents for the political and general history of Pakistan
   Documents for the labor history of Pakistan

Social History of Pakistan

Women's rights are denied despite election promises
From Amnesty International. 5 December, 1995.
Families Enslaved by a life of casual brutality
Suzanne Goldenberg, in the Guardian, 18 March, 1996. Laws against debt bondage not enforced. Hereditary bondage of whole families to the landlords.

Economic History of Pakistan

Consumers Left To the Mercy of the Market>
By Muddassir Rizvi, 15 July 1999
The IMF in Pakistan
By Farhan Bokhari, The Financial Times, Thursday 2 September 1999

Retroactive History of Pakistan

Pinochet and Tikka: Birds of same feather!
By A.H. Jaffor Ullah, 11 October 1998. Re. 1971 coup.

History of Telecommunications in Pakistan

Press Gagged By Intimidation and Self-censorship
By Muddassir Rizvi, 26 July, 1999

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